OgyMogy – Providing Non-Jailbreak Monitoring Solution

In the span of 30 years, mobile phones have transformed into a complete computer system enabling you to send emails and make video calls without any delays. The simple telecommunication device has become much more than a simple talking device. Hundreds of brands have come forward with their unique and advanced mobile phones operating like a complete smart device capable of doing everything that was once unimaginable for an electronic device.

Today, people are using mobile phones to guide blind people.

To track the location of family and friends, to make formal documents, to earn money, and so much more. The craze of these smartphones has reached the point where application developers are keen on customizing their mobile phones the way they want. The concepts of jailbreak and non-jailbreak have emerged, providing app developers with the authority to modify the operating system itself, whether it is Windows, IOS, or Android. There are now jailbreak and non-jailbreak monitoring solutions to spy on your friends and family. world live tech.

Yes, it’s truly possible if you want to amend or add some new features in your smartphone or in your kids’ phone to track them, but at the same time, you need to be open to the security measures, too, as jailbreak systems are more open to outside threats and data leaks.

And it’s none other than OgyMogy that always makes sure to help you monitor your employees or kids without any threat to security or privacy. Yes, the OgyMogy application provides a non-jailbreak monitoring solution, meaning no one, no matter how advanced he is at app development, can modify or affect the security features of the OgyMogy application.

If you have been reading so far, then you are on the right track and are going to be introduced to what OgyMogy can do for you if you are a parent, an employer, or anyone assigned the responsibility of monitoring someone.

OgyMogy as a Non-Jailbreak Monitoring Solution for Kids

Are you a boomer and a parent, and you are still exploring your way into technology? Are you a worrying parent who keeps worrying about the safety of their kids? If yes, then you only need OgyMogy, which provides a non-jailbreak monitoring solution to track the location of your kids and keep an eye on their digital activities. You just need to go to OgyMogy and select a price plan suitable for you, and then you have a smart application helping you become a responsible parent.

OgyMogy as a Non Jailbreak Monitoring Solution for Employees

You are an employer who has finally decided to let your employees work from home, but at the same time, you are hesitating as to how you would monitor them and see if they are not using the work time for personal activities. No need to worry, as OgyMogy is here, and it provides you with a secure, non-jailbreak monitoring solution for both Android and iPhones.

Its features of screen recording, remote access, live video recordings, tracking GPS location, and access to the history of all websites and applications are everything that can help you monitor your employees without letting them know. And if you are worried about your employees knowing about this, then there is no need to worry as the OgyMogy comes with a stealth mode that hides this application and doesn’t let the users know they have a spy application on their phone.


OgyMogy app is a non-jailbreak monitoring solution; in simple words, it’s a spying application that protects itself from anyone who wants to edit it or make use of it in a bad manner. As a millennial parent or as a new employer, you can use OgyMogy to track and monitor your kids and employees respectively. The non-jailbreak monitoring solution is effective; it not only lets you track or monitor the activities of your employees and kids but also keeps you safe from any security threat. And yes, it works on all smartphones and systems, so what is it that you are waiting for when you can use OgyMogy, which provides the non-jailbreak monitoring solution for all your tracking and spying needs?


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